Here’s some viral inspiration…

The latest viral video can be more than just a good laugh or share. It can be the inspiration you need to keep pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. Here are a few that may inspire you.eÀÚ÷gãè!§Éh®…®zÂp^Üùkq

The American Ninja T-Rex. American Ninja is a popular reality television obstacle course for the insanely fit. One contestant did the course in an inflatable T-Rex suit. It’s a fun watch. The announcer’s puns are on point and watching the contestant tackle the course in the suit is awesome – but there is a great lesson to be learned for entrepreneurs. When you choose to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, it’s like doing the obstacle course in a T-Rex suit. You work and prepare twice as hard as everyone else. It’s a lot harder to navigate but you are rewarded for your individuality and perseverance. Be unique and willing to work for your dreams, even if that means climbing a wall in a T-Rex suit!

Another great viral lesson can be found in this hilariously cute but gross video. After her successful audition, a young contestant on So You Think You Can Dance threw up on international star and judge Paula Abdul. We all know that for children excitement can lead to explosions of fluid and Paula was very kind to the poor girl. But the best part comes later. When the girl was asked to share what happened, she replied that Paula squeezed her too tight and the happiness came out. The lesson here is great. As an entrepreneur you are bound to make mistakes in your enthusiasm to succeed – but instead of getting upset about it, choose to look at the positive side of things like this young girl did. Her excitement didn’t waver. Instead she recognized that she had to move forward from an embarrassing situation in a positive way… and she did.

So the next time you get caught in a YouTube wormhole, don’t fret. There are valuable lessons that can be learned from your favorite viral videos and they are a great stress relief! Apply what you see to your life because as an entrepreneur you can learn from anything!